Monday, September 8, 2014

Changelog for 9/8/2014

As a note: From now on I'm going to be posting changelogs here from now, rather than on the main site.

Personal URL Changes

Previously there were several pages which only the account owner could access, however they still pulled the user information from the URL and relied on security policies to limit access correctly. Now they simply use whoever the current user is; this change both increases security and is more logical.

For example what used to be is now

Email Field Removal

For the time being I've removed the ability to enter an email address. I'm working towards getting traditional email validation (as in the site sends you an email with a confirmation key) instead what it was before, a text field that wasn't used for anything. However, that has been placed on the back burner while I work on more pressing tasks. None the less, there's no need for the field to be there for the time being.

Clan Wars Server Landing Page

Previously there was no way to actually select to view a server's clan wars maps or the fame rankings. The system used assumptions to determine which page to send the user to after picking a server. It still does this if the information is present, though now if it's not it directs to a section page rather than just defaulting to the maps page.

Going forward, my primary focus is going to be making the initial setup process easier and improving some latency issues caused by waiting for the WG API to reply.

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