Thursday, September 25, 2014

Changelog for 9/25/2014

Improved Payout Templates

I noticed there was a gap in the capabilities of the payout system; there wasn't really "good" support for having several different payout templates that could be chosen at will, and there was absolutely no support for multiple Code Type Payout setups being saved. To help remedy this situation two new features have been added.

Firstly, in addition to the existing option of setting a default template payout, any payout can now be used as a one-time template for a new payout via the "Actions > Use as template" link next to each payout on the Payouts page.

Second, code type payouts can now optionally be loaded from the template being used. This option can be set for the default template in addition to being selectable when using any payout as a one-time template.

Other Changes

  • Various improvements to the Clan Wars Map Provinces viewer.
  • Collapse clan-related settings on user's settings page if they aren't in a clan.
  • Added info bar for new payouts indicating which template is being used, if any.


  • An issue which would cause user's clan settings not to be created under certain conditions, thus causing payout calculation to fail.
  • Payout templates not setting "Ignore Match Reward Rules" setting.
  • Trying to sort by role on the Attendance home causing an internal server error.

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