Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Changelog for 9/30/2014

Day based Payout Multipliers

Multipliers for gold and shares based on the number of days a person has in the payout period has been added.

Effectively, this is just a shorthand way to accomplish scaling pay based on days as opposed to using the minimum and maximum options for the individual code type payouts, which could get quite complicated. On the other hand, this approach is more limited as it is global to the payout and cannot be limited to individual code types.

This can be found under the "Day Settings" section.

Replay Player Details

While the system has been loading most of the player's details (the noticeable omissions were damage past 300 meters and damage blocked by armor), most of this hasn't been viewable. This has been fixed; clicking anywhere that isn't a link on the replay's player list will show detailed information about that player.

Other Changes

  • Made some Breadcrumbs "smarter" by linking back to Battles or Matches from the replay view to the date the replay was for.
  • Removed the banner about the inability to load tank in garage data accurately, replaced with a more friendly link explaining the problem and potential solutions.
  • Changed some sections in the Code Type creation/editor pages to expanders, instead of sections with just advanced or hidden content which saves space. This will likely be expanded to other pages that need it (if there are any, I haven't checked).
  • Improved date range filtering for searching Payouts to act in a logically.
  • Fixed Payout Stats Gold Cost by Type taking into account negative values when determining result.
  • Added Gold Savings by Type chart to display information about what is "saving" the most gold by giving negative gold.
  • Changed replay paths to fit with other paths better.


  • Inability to set default payout automatically loading code type payouts from it via the clan editing page.
  • Payout Details view sort defaulting to case insensitive sorting by name.
  • New port map missing a friendly name.

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