Friday, September 12, 2014

Changelog for 9/12/2014

Minor Changes

  • Reordered Navigation items on the Clan Home page to have more logical groupings.
  • Removed the ability to disallow players with tags from submitting applications. See note 1 below for more information.
  • Delayed updating of player's data on login. See note 2 below for more information.


  • Logs permissions policy incorrectly reporting a user having permissions in some cases.
  • Theoretical vulnerabilities in a few policies under certain conditions.
  • Logs page missing breadcrumb.
  • "Apply to clan" link still appearing if you're already a member of the clan.
  • Clan player refreshing failing if it tried to process an account that WG's API claimed didn't exist.
  • Sight inefficiencies related to users who aren't logged in.
  • Fixed requesting non-existing files of content types other than html or js causing a 500 response instead of a correct 404 response.
  • Fame pages displaying incorrect URL's after searching.
  • Clan Wars provinces page search not working.
  1. In order to effectively disallow players with clan tags from applying, the system has to actually contact the WG API and see if they are in a clan. This isn't always reliable or quick, and all the while the user is sitting at a white loading screen. Now, there are ways to make this more seamless, but such methods take time to implement and I honestly believe there are more pressing things for me to focus on. As such, I've disabled the feature.
  2. Similar to the problem noted in note 1, updating the player's WoT account data on login caused unnecessary delays and could possibly even fail preventing logging in all together. Now, the downside to this approach is that for time after logging in, all of the WoT account data won't be available to the system. This isn't really a big problem though as the only data that will matter in most cases is the clan data, and that will already be loaded in most cases automatically for participating clans.

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