Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Changelog for 9/23/2014

Support for New Roles

The new roles have been added to Clan Tools and work just like existing roles. To enable this the corresponding groups for the new roles have also been created and automatically linked. The existing groups have also been renamed to correctly match with the new names, though feel free to change them back if you don't like the new names.

The new group's default permissions are as follows, though these can be changed via the groups page:

  • Personnel Officer: Similar to the executive officer without most attendance and payout related permissions, or permissions that generally allow indirect code creation.
  • Junior Officer: Same as private to match WG's approach.
  • Reservist: Same as recruit as recruit already has no permissions by default.

Also, if you had a group with the same name as one of the new roles, that group has been renamed to prevent conflicts.

Moved Payout Bonus Codes

Like Replay Reward Rules, the Payout Bonus Codes (now Group Bonuses) selector was somewhat poorly placed and as such made it hard to get a full understanding of what the Code Type Payouts for a Code Type would be giving out. So now the groups which a code type's code type payouts apply to as a bonus is set via the Code Type's editing page.

With this change I believe all assignment of Code Type Payouts is done via each Code Type's edit page which should hopefully help keeping track of all of these things easier.

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