Thursday, August 27, 2015

Changelog for 2015-08-27

Clan Lookup Changes

  • Added Ceasefire Day, Neutrality, and Stronghold Tier information to Stronghold tab.
  • Added industrial resources earned per week and total to Stronghold Player Stats tab.
  • Removed industrial resources gained/lost displayed (WG pulled it from the publicly available information).
  • Fixed win rates on Stronghold Player Stats tab not being colored correctly.

Other Changes

  • Added Primary Group to Activity and Stronghold player lists.


  • Fixed attempting to use an older version payout as a template failing if the payout referenced a deleted Code Type.

Known Issues

  • At times, some Pay Groups are listed more than once in the selection drop downs; this shouldn't cause any issues, it's just annoying.
  • If a player leaves the clan then rejoins at a later time, the Stronghold IR tracker will give them negative IR deltas because WG clears their total IR earned when they leave, but Clan Tools doesn't. This is the next thing on the todo list.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Changelog for 2015-08-18


  • Fixed possibility to save a Payout Reward Rule without a Pay Group set in some cases.
  • Fixed attempting to change the Pay Group for a Payout Reward Rule that exists causing an Internal Server Error.
  • Fixed Clan Home > Events not displaying player name changes for clan members.
  • Fixed unexpected errors in payout calculation causing Payouts to be stuck in a state of "calculating".
  • Fixed possible error when attempting to save a payout with duplicate Code or Group reward rules.

Monday, August 17, 2015

[Updated (2)] Payout Issues

Update 2

These issues have now been resolved. See this changelog for details.


Unsurprising there were some issues with my fixes, so the update won't till at least after CW today.

Original Article

Currently, there are some issues related to deleting an existing Pay Group in an existing Payout without deleting the Reward Rules that referenced that payout (potentially causing the entire payout to fail to calculate), or attempting to change an existing Reward Rules' Pay Group (causing saving to result in an Internal Server Error). Existing meaning you had saved the Payout with those settings, then gone back and attempted to edit them.

Additionally, on removing Pay Groups, the Pay Group would still be listed in the Pay Group dropdowns if an attempt to save resulted in a validation error.

I believe I have located the source of these issues and have fixed them; however, I'm too tired to trust myself. I'll review the code when I wake up and, all going well, push an update out before clan wars.

Sorry for the trouble. Thank you for your patience.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Timeouts/Performance Issues

What I know

There was a significant spike in load and outgoing traffic, and the server ground to a halt. Restarting the server appeared to "fix" the issue. I am unsure as to what triggered this to start with at this time.

I'm also aware that an issue was encountered by a clan with updating a Payout; I'll be looking into that tomorrow at the latest.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Changelog for 2015-08-12


  • Fixed error when attempting to view Player Lookup > Graphs > Modes in some cases.
  • Fixed possibility of highlighting getting stuck on Player Lookup > Clan Wars Tanks
  • Fixed Researched jump-to buttons not working when a player had no researched non-star tanks. Now Researched highlights all researched tanks, stared and unstared alike.

Slack Battle Integration Changes/Fixes

  • Fixed battle list slack integration not correctly displaying enemy clans whose names were surrounded by underscores.
  • Stopped fetching CW1.0 battles.
  • Added support for -tz [timezone name or numeric offset] flag to override timezone set on a per-a-request basis.
  • Fixed "R" being displayed without number when there was not yet any round defined for a battle on the CW2.0 map.

What slack integration you (maybe) ask?

How do I use this?

  1. Create a new outgoing slack intrigration from:
  2. For the URL enter:

    adding your clan ID to the end (numbers that show up in the end of the URL when you go to (you have to be signed in to the Wargaming clan website).

    For example, Otter's would be:

You can also change the part of the URL that says tz=et to any of the following, or a whole number representing the timezone offset:

  • PT
  • MT
  • CT
  • ET
  • UTC

Finally, for clans from other servers, where it says provider=na, change NA to EU, RU, ASIA, or KR respectively.

Also, if you are already using the slack integration and your URL starts with, please change that to

Monday, August 10, 2015

Changelog for 2015-08-10 (2)


  • Fixed internal server error when creating/updating a payout without specifying a to or from date.

Changelog for 2015-08-10

End of an Era

Clan Wars 1.0 is effectively no more with the NA server being the last to freeze the 1.0 map.

With this in mind, the following changes have been made:

  • Stopped checking for new CW1.0 battles.
  • CW1.0 battles are marked as such with CW1.
  • CW2.0 battles are no longer marked as such with CW2.
  • Stopped loading Clan Wars Globe/Province/Region data.
  • Disabled Global Map viewer on all servers as no servers have CW1.0 anymore.

CW1.0 settings in Payouts will remain for some time; however, they too will eventually be removed.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Changelog for 2015-08-06

Code Granting/Revoking Changes

Note: All of these changes only apply to the new method of granting/revoking codes, via the Members list on the Clan Home, Clan Members, or Clan Attendance pages, or via the Grant/Revoke button on the Clan Attendance page.

  • Added restricted grant permission, that only allows granting codes that are currently valid (within the time limit); it can be noted that this permission is pointless if the user can create new codes, or edit existing ones.
  • Fixed requiring both the ability to Grant and Revoke codes for the Grant/Revoke code option to be present.
  • Fixed permissions not correctly inferring; each level of grant now implies the previous levels.
  • Fixed Day being required for Granting/Revoking by Code.
  • Fixed given Day being used regardless of what day the given code was for when Granting by Code, which resulted in odd behavior when the two didn't match.

All groups with Grant or Grant (Advanced) permissions have automatically been granted this new permission.

New Clan Wars Tanks / Close To List

  • Star - Popular Clan Wars Tanks
  • R - Researched Tanks (including "Star" tanks)
  • C - Close to being Researched Tanks (has the preceding tank).

Other Changes to Clan Wars Tanks lists:

  • Added Tier 8 and 6.
  • Added Stats Overview for all tanks of that tier 10 (pub stats).
  • Fixed Closed To behaving oddly or incorrectly in some cases.
  • Updated data for closed to; also data is now pulled from the WG API to remove the issue of it never being updated.

Codes List Changes

Two new filtering options have been added, both set by default, to cut down on clutter.

Has Code?

If the code is listed as N/A (and you don't for whatever reason have N, A, and / as code options), then the given Code doesn't have a 'code' that can be used to refer to that code. Otherwise, the Code has a code. Generally there are two reasons a Code won't have a code:

  • The code's valid to date is older than a week; the system automatically reclaims old codes to avoid running into code exhaustion issues (where the number of possible code combinations which aren't in use by the clan run low).
  • The code was created by the system with express intent of it never being submittable (as in, it didn't need a code that users can enter).

System Created?

The system creates codes for various reasons; granting linked codes, granting codes from replays, etc... Whenever a code is needed by the system and doesn't need to be submittable (as in, doesn't need a code that users can enter), it is created as system created.

Keep in mind, this doesn't refer to codes automatically created daily. Codes that are "system created" can never be entered.

In either of the above cases, generally, you don't care about seeing those codes, so now they are hidden by default.