Thursday, August 6, 2015

Changelog for 2015-08-06

Code Granting/Revoking Changes

Note: All of these changes only apply to the new method of granting/revoking codes, via the Members list on the Clan Home, Clan Members, or Clan Attendance pages, or via the Grant/Revoke button on the Clan Attendance page.

  • Added restricted grant permission, that only allows granting codes that are currently valid (within the time limit); it can be noted that this permission is pointless if the user can create new codes, or edit existing ones.
  • Fixed requiring both the ability to Grant and Revoke codes for the Grant/Revoke code option to be present.
  • Fixed permissions not correctly inferring; each level of grant now implies the previous levels.
  • Fixed Day being required for Granting/Revoking by Code.
  • Fixed given Day being used regardless of what day the given code was for when Granting by Code, which resulted in odd behavior when the two didn't match.

All groups with Grant or Grant (Advanced) permissions have automatically been granted this new permission.

New Clan Wars Tanks / Close To List

  • Star - Popular Clan Wars Tanks
  • R - Researched Tanks (including "Star" tanks)
  • C - Close to being Researched Tanks (has the preceding tank).

Other Changes to Clan Wars Tanks lists:

  • Added Tier 8 and 6.
  • Added Stats Overview for all tanks of that tier 10 (pub stats).
  • Fixed Closed To behaving oddly or incorrectly in some cases.
  • Updated data for closed to; also data is now pulled from the WG API to remove the issue of it never being updated.

Codes List Changes

Two new filtering options have been added, both set by default, to cut down on clutter.

Has Code?

If the code is listed as N/A (and you don't for whatever reason have N, A, and / as code options), then the given Code doesn't have a 'code' that can be used to refer to that code. Otherwise, the Code has a code. Generally there are two reasons a Code won't have a code:

  • The code's valid to date is older than a week; the system automatically reclaims old codes to avoid running into code exhaustion issues (where the number of possible code combinations which aren't in use by the clan run low).
  • The code was created by the system with express intent of it never being submittable (as in, it didn't need a code that users can enter).

System Created?

The system creates codes for various reasons; granting linked codes, granting codes from replays, etc... Whenever a code is needed by the system and doesn't need to be submittable (as in, doesn't need a code that users can enter), it is created as system created.

Keep in mind, this doesn't refer to codes automatically created daily. Codes that are "system created" can never be entered.

In either of the above cases, generally, you don't care about seeing those codes, so now they are hidden by default.

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