Monday, August 17, 2015

[Updated (2)] Payout Issues

Update 2

These issues have now been resolved. See this changelog for details.


Unsurprising there were some issues with my fixes, so the update won't till at least after CW today.

Original Article

Currently, there are some issues related to deleting an existing Pay Group in an existing Payout without deleting the Reward Rules that referenced that payout (potentially causing the entire payout to fail to calculate), or attempting to change an existing Reward Rules' Pay Group (causing saving to result in an Internal Server Error). Existing meaning you had saved the Payout with those settings, then gone back and attempted to edit them.

Additionally, on removing Pay Groups, the Pay Group would still be listed in the Pay Group dropdowns if an attempt to save resulted in a validation error.

I believe I have located the source of these issues and have fixed them; however, I'm too tired to trust myself. I'll review the code when I wake up and, all going well, push an update out before clan wars.

Sorry for the trouble. Thank you for your patience.

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