Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Changelog for 2015-08-12


  • Fixed error when attempting to view Player Lookup > Graphs > Modes in some cases.
  • Fixed possibility of highlighting getting stuck on Player Lookup > Clan Wars Tanks
  • Fixed Researched jump-to buttons not working when a player had no researched non-star tanks. Now Researched highlights all researched tanks, stared and unstared alike.

Slack Battle Integration Changes/Fixes

  • Fixed battle list slack integration not correctly displaying enemy clans whose names were surrounded by underscores.
  • Stopped fetching CW1.0 battles.
  • Added support for -tz [timezone name or numeric offset] flag to override timezone set on a per-a-request basis.
  • Fixed "R" being displayed without number when there was not yet any round defined for a battle on the CW2.0 map.

What slack integration you (maybe) ask?

How do I use this?

  1. Create a new outgoing slack intrigration from:
  2. For the URL enter:

    adding your clan ID to the end (numbers that show up in the end of the URL when you go to (you have to be signed in to the Wargaming clan website).

    For example, Otter's would be:

You can also change the part of the URL that says tz=et to any of the following, or a whole number representing the timezone offset:

  • PT
  • MT
  • CT
  • ET
  • UTC

Finally, for clans from other servers, where it says provider=na, change NA to EU, RU, ASIA, or KR respectively.

Also, if you are already using the slack integration and your URL starts with, please change that to

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