Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Changelog for 2015-05-27


  • Updated replay parser to support 9.8.
    • Domination mode is currently not supported (whenever they enable it), dealing with multiple tanks per a player requires reworking various areas, and given what replays are used for in Clan Tools I'm hesitant to go through the effort (as I suspect it won't be used).
    • Replays from before 9.8 are no longer supported.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Changelog for 2015-05-24


  • Added Contact link in footer.
  • Added More... link to Clan Home dropdown.
  • Added help text for Code Type > Prefix field.
  • Clarified "cannot be changed" text for new Code Types is specifically referring to the Once Per a Day setting.
  • Various tweaks to help text for Code Type settings.
  • Reduced opacity of some controls.


  • Fixed issue related to uploading replays where a player died to a combat reserve (strongholds).

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Battle Loader and the Frequency of Updates

The Battle Loader

Clan Tools has a number of tasks that run on an "out of band" scheduler; the most outwardly noticeable of these tasks is battle loading and payout calculations.

This scheduler stops working from time to time, seemingly at random. I had thought it was a memory issue and thus thought it was most likely to fail during the daily maintenance tasks which tend to eat up a lot of memory, so I based my (manual) monitoring around that assumption. Yesterday has shown my existing approach is insufficient.

I have created a semi-automated way to monitor the scheduler, and to detect when it failed. This should, at the very least, decrease the downtime when it does fail in addition to giving me a better picture of what is failing.

The Frequency of Updates

About two weeks ago I started a MSCS program which--in contrast to the past few months before where I effectively had nothing I needed to do, or even the a BSCS program I was in--has left me with a lot less time to spend working on Clan Tools. This is especially true of long chunks of time which are ideal when working on the more complex features.

To be clear, I have no intention of stopping my work on maintaining and improving Clan Tools. I'm writing this simply to let everyone know what my situation is and why updates have been, and will continue to be, slower to come out relative to the changes they bring.

Changelog for 2015-05-17

Tank Name Filter for Player and Clan Lookups

The filter is primarily a (case insensitive) exact match "contains" search, though missing spaces and dashes (-) will still result in a match (e.g. e100 will match E 100 despite the lack of a space in the search).

Detailed Per-Tank Stats for Player Lookup

Detailed Tank Stats for individual tanks (example) can now be viewed via new "Details" link (in the tank list). Note that the "maximum" data isn't available (via the API) for some game modes.

Other Changes

  • Improved detection of opponent for province (non-landing) tournaments (when loading clan battles).
  • Added Ranked Team battles stats to Player and Clan Lookups.
  • Player's links on Clan Lookup page's Member's tab now include any filters currently selected (so, for example, if on the Clan Lookup page the nation is set to USA, clicking on a Member's name will bring up their data on the Player Lookup with the nation set to USA).
  • Added "Player's Statistics" link on Clan Member's list.
  • Renamed "Damaged Caused/Received" to "Damage Ratio".
  • Swapped order of Kill/Death Ratio and Damage Ratio.


  • Fixed Player's tanks list on Player Lookup not having a default sorting order.
  • Fixed some filters for Player and Clan Lookup losing focus after making a selection.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Changelog for 2015-05-12


  • For battle loading, fixed the possibility that the last battle wouldn't be detected, causing failures to detect the difference between an encounter on province battle and the battle with the land owner (attacks).

Additionally, if any of your battles from last night (2015-05-11) loaded encounter on province battles at attacks, I can manually fix them if you let me know which ones need to be corrected.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Clan Wars Changes

WG released an update to clan wars, at least on the NA server. This change included a change to the formatting of some of the data Clan Tools uses to load clan wars battles to the current level of detail.

I believe I've made the necessary changes to deal with the new format. However, all of my testing is currently limited to assumptions as no battles have had their times fixed (which battle loading relies heavily on). Additionally, I suspect that past four participants (3 attackers + one defender) the approach being used might break down, but again without actual data to test with I can only make assumptions.

Additionally, even if the additional data cannot be loaded, the system will now still load the battle, though the level of detail in the information presented may be lower. Specifically, the opposing clan won't be known, and there will be no distinction between an attack and an encounter on a province (when two or more clans chip the same province) (any non-defense battle for province will be considered an attack).

Regardless, I will monitor the situation and attempt fix any issues that arise as quickly as possible.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Changelog for 2015-05-07


  • Added User's Group list to users page, visible to clan members with the ability to view groups.
  • Added Pay History which displays all pay entries for a user after May 23, 2014; only the user can view their pay history.
  • Increased Groups pagination to 30 groups per a page.


  • Fixed issue where trying to edit a forum post to be blank under certain conditions.
  • Fixed modifier display on Groups list not using formatted name.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Changelog for 2015-05-05


  • Fixed issue relating to locked accounts and stronghold player stats.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Changelog for 2015-05-02


  • Added Stronghold and Stronghold Player Stats to Clan Lookup.
  • Added Kill Death and Damage ratios to Player Lookup General Stats.
  • Added Last Battle to Clan Lookup Members list.
  • The player's name on the Clan Lookup Members list now links to the Player Lookup for them.
  • Added Statistics link to player's "profile page" directing to the Player Lookup for them.
  • Added Statistics link to clan's home page directing to the Clan Lookup for them.


  • Fixed last battle on activity report saying "1 days ago" (instead of "1 day ago").

Friday, May 1, 2015

Changelog for 2015-05-01


  • Fixed spelling error in success message when saving changes to clan.
  • Fixed internal server error when trying to save a Forum with two permissions set to the same group (now an error message is displayed).
  • Fixed issue loading tank information which prevented new tank entries from being added.
  • Players with zero battles in a tank are no longer hidden from the counts.
  • Available Maximum now uses the count from the API, rather than the count from Clan Tools' internal records, and is thus more accurate (the internal count is updated once a day).
  • Renamed Available Maximum to Maximum Available to match other two availability fields.