Sunday, May 17, 2015

Changelog for 2015-05-17

Tank Name Filter for Player and Clan Lookups

The filter is primarily a (case insensitive) exact match "contains" search, though missing spaces and dashes (-) will still result in a match (e.g. e100 will match E 100 despite the lack of a space in the search).

Detailed Per-Tank Stats for Player Lookup

Detailed Tank Stats for individual tanks (example) can now be viewed via new "Details" link (in the tank list). Note that the "maximum" data isn't available (via the API) for some game modes.

Other Changes

  • Improved detection of opponent for province (non-landing) tournaments (when loading clan battles).
  • Added Ranked Team battles stats to Player and Clan Lookups.
  • Player's links on Clan Lookup page's Member's tab now include any filters currently selected (so, for example, if on the Clan Lookup page the nation is set to USA, clicking on a Member's name will bring up their data on the Player Lookup with the nation set to USA).
  • Added "Player's Statistics" link on Clan Member's list.
  • Renamed "Damaged Caused/Received" to "Damage Ratio".
  • Swapped order of Kill/Death Ratio and Damage Ratio.


  • Fixed Player's tanks list on Player Lookup not having a default sorting order.
  • Fixed some filters for Player and Clan Lookup losing focus after making a selection.

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