Monday, May 11, 2015

Clan Wars Changes

WG released an update to clan wars, at least on the NA server. This change included a change to the formatting of some of the data Clan Tools uses to load clan wars battles to the current level of detail.

I believe I've made the necessary changes to deal with the new format. However, all of my testing is currently limited to assumptions as no battles have had their times fixed (which battle loading relies heavily on). Additionally, I suspect that past four participants (3 attackers + one defender) the approach being used might break down, but again without actual data to test with I can only make assumptions.

Additionally, even if the additional data cannot be loaded, the system will now still load the battle, though the level of detail in the information presented may be lower. Specifically, the opposing clan won't be known, and there will be no distinction between an attack and an encounter on a province (when two or more clans chip the same province) (any non-defense battle for province will be considered an attack).

Regardless, I will monitor the situation and attempt fix any issues that arise as quickly as possible.

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