Thursday, September 18, 2014

Changelog for 9/18/2014

Replay Reward Rules Management Moved

The Match Reward Rules and Clan Battle Reward Rules--collectively Replay Reward Rules now--weren't managed from the most logical of places. Match Reward Rules were managed by editing the match types they were linked to and Clan Battle Reward Rules were just under the Battles section of the Edit Clan page. To (hopefully) correct this, both are now managed from the editing page of the code type the rules are tied to. This results in it being much easier to get an overview of what the Code Type's Payout(s) will apply to.

It's worth noting that this change has shifted under what permissions the Replay Reward Rules are manageable under from their respective pages to the Code Type edit page. I however do not view this as a problem because the permissions which restricted their editing were just as illogical as the pages from which they were edited.

More Reserve Options

One requested feature for the payout system to support reserve growth. So, for example, one could set the reserve growth to some percent (say 10%), and the system will select what it believes is the most recent previous payout (though its choice can be overridden, if desired) and then it will perform the following maths to determine the gold value of the reserve for the current payout: Given Gain Percent of (Treasury - Previous Reserve) + Previous Reserve

The previous setting of the reserve value being just a gold amount to subtract is still present (and the default), as well as a plain percent of the current treasury, and growth in terms of a flat gold rate, rather than a percent value.

These options can be accessed under the first advanced settings section of the Payout creation/editing page.

Other Changes

  • Moved "Generate Unsubmittable Codes" and "Is Deprecated" to an advanced settings group in the Match Type creation/editing pages.
  • Added a warning to the Clan Role Settings section as, in most cases, editing those settings is both unnecessary and potentially dangerous as changing them allows for the granting of permissions.
  • Added a "Notes" field to the Battle's editing page. In the future I hope to create a more robust commenting system; for the moment though, this will hopefully be acceptable. Battles with notes will have a paperclip icon displayed next to the "Actions" dropdown, with the notes being displayed as a tooltip upon hovering. As in aside, adding a notes field to the replay's detail view is (significantly) more difficult and as such will have to wait for the time being.
  • Added better error message for rare "race conditions".
  • Improved display of listings of Payouts from three dates to a readable string.
  • Added a link to clan's World of Tanks page on the Payout Record page.


  • Selecting all replay types via "Select All" causing the match type to fail to save.
  • Frozen clan wars map being shown as "freezed" instead of "Frozen".
  • Incorrect legend entry on code type's creation/editing page.
  • Payout Template not setting Payout Category ID

As to the future, I plan on recording part two of the getting started video today, so I expect the initial setup pages to be live in the next few days.

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