Wednesday, July 15, 2015

[Updated 2015-07-18] Regarding the RU and ASIA Regions

Update (2015-07-18)

WG was quite quick with replying to my email, and as such the RU and ASIA regions are now using real API keys instead of the "demo" key.

Original Post:

As a result of my inaction in conjunction with an upcoming change to WG API, the public tools on Clan Tools for the RU and ASIA regions may become unusable for a time (Player lookup may still work, the rest will probably be unusable).

In short, WG requires an API key for all requests to their API; for the RU and ASIA regions I have been using the generic "demo" key as it seemed to work the same as an actual key. WG it seems (understandably) wants to curtail this, and is introducing strong rate limits to the demo key (10 requests a minute). For reference, the Clan Lookup sends around 100 requests (1 per a player, plus 3 for various clan info [this is why it takes forever to load]).

WG announced this over a month ago, I however forgot about it and never got around to writing an email to request API keys for RU and ASIA until today.

So that's the situation; apologies for any inconvenience this causes.

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