Saturday, July 4, 2015

Changelog for 2015-07-04


  • Added "Disregard Unattendable Days" option to Activity Report (click the cogs). This setting disregards all days which aren't attendable (days which don't have at least one code entry) when performing calculations for Attendance Percents, Average Inactivity, and Inactive For.

    This option is useful for viewing activity data that has day gaps (for example, perhaps your clan does training three times a week, now you can view training Activity without having to do any mental math to know that 42.85% attendance is actually 100% training attendance (and so forth).
  • Activity Report Inactive For now (more logically) calculates Inactive For to the last day in the Activity Span (or the last Attendanable Day if Disregard Unattendable Days is enabled) rather than the current date. If you prefer the old view, use the "Inactive For" to Now setting (in the cogs menu).


  • Members that joined after the current Activity Span are now indicated correctly, rather than just having negative values that didn't make much sense.
  • Incorrect (case-sensitive) member sorting in User Balances dropdowns.
  • Payout 'Target Share Value not Met' warning now shows correct gold needed to reach target share value.

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