Friday, July 3, 2015

Changelog for 2015-07-03


The Default Duration setting for Match Types has been removed. This setting was used to set the default duration of the generated Code (if any). Please use the Default Span setting for the selected Code Type instead to achieve the same result.

New way of Granting/Revoking Codes

The New (and recommended) way of granting codes is via the Member's List, either on the Clan Home page, the Member's page, or the Attendance Management page. Simply select the member(s) you want to grant or revoke a code from, click the Check icon that appeared in the bottom left corner of the page (or Grant or Revoke Code button at the bottom of the list), fill in the fields, and finally click either Grant or Revoke.

Attendance Page Changes

  • Primary Group rather than clan role is now displayed.
  • Check box controls are now present in the same way as the Member's list.
  • Each Major Code Type column is now sortable.
  • Each Major Code Type column now displays the number of members with a code entry of that type for the day.
  • Member's list can now be refreshed without reloading the page.
  • Improved support for having two Majors Code Types with one being Linked to the other (both should correctly show up as being granted, via the link connection).
  • A tip now appears if a clan has no codes set as Major.
  • Valid Codes list can now be refreshed without reloading the page.
  • The validity of each code on the Valid Codes list now dynamically updates (newly created codes are not loaded dynamically though).
  • A tip now appears if a clan has no valid codes to display.
  • Added a link to the Activity Report for the current day being shown.

Other Changes

  • Help text is now displayed on the Codes > New and Matches > New pages if the clan has no displayable Codes/Matches.
  • Obsolete Match Types are no longer shown on the New Match page.
  • Matches and Match Types now use a Start and End for spans, rather than a Start and a Duration. Match Type's durations have been converted automatically.
  • Added One Battle per Match setting to Match Types; enabling this ensures that each (in game) battle will be associated with a distinct Match.
  • Switched New Match and Edit Match pages to tabbed interface.
  • Added Note to the Group editor (accessed via the Member's list Edit Groups button) that the Primary Group listed won't refresh till the page is reloaded.
  • "Lie" to users who enter a code that is invalid because they've already entered it, or a code of the same type (for once per a day Code Types), already by using the same behavior as if the code was valid. The message displayed though is different and indicates both that the code was rejected, and why.
  • Added floating action panel for the Members List when one or more members are selected checked) so you don't need to scroll to the bottom of the page just to trigger the desired action.


  • Fixed errors relating to For Date vs. Replay Date being displayed in user's local time, leading to the possibility that the expected date and actual date would display as the same date.


I looked into automatic For Date detection on Match creation from uploaded replay. Unfortunately it's a catch-22 situation which could be worked around, but it simply isn't worth the investment in time currently.

I've also been gathering data for battles loading for CW2.0, it's looking promising and I'm going to start coding that now.

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