Saturday, July 18, 2015

Changelog for 2015-07-18

New Reward Rule Filters for Payouts

Clan Wars

  • Battle Round (CW2.0 only)
  • Province Income (CW2.0 only)


  • Pays Mode (new options):
    • Raid Battles - Pays for every based on number of stronghold raid battles.
    • Skirmish Battles
    • Stronghold (Raid & Skirmish) Battles
  • Pays Divisor (formally Pays IR Step) - Divisor for whatever value Pays Mode is set to.
  • Rank by IR Earned, IR Earned, Raid Battles, Skirmish Battles, and Stronghold Battles filters (for minimums and maximums).

Other Changes

  • Added Battle deltas to Stronghold Player Data (data recording started 2015-07-08).
  • Renamed "Industrial Resources" tab to "Player Data" on Clan Stronghold page.
  • Added "pretty" display for the currently displayed span to the Clan Stronghold page.
  • Users' names are now clickable on the Clan Stronghold Player Data list.
  • Added support for Republic of Korea server in public tools.
  • Disabled Fame Lookup for all servers (WG API no longer provides the data used for the fame lookup).
  • Disabled Clan Wars Map viewer for ASIA as they no longer have a CW1.0 map and WG's API doesn't support CW2.0 as of yet.
  • Inline help has been removed from all of the Reward Rules on the Payouts Editor; help is now provided on the CMS Help section.


  • Stopped using "demo" WG API key for RU and ASIA server.
  • Fixed To or From date being ignored on Clan Stronghold page, resulting in loading the link displaying different data then expected.
  • Fixed alignment issues on Replay Details view.

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