Friday, September 4, 2015

Changelog 2015-09-04

Negative Industrial Resource Values (is fixed)

Because WG doesn't remember a user's IR data when they leave their clan, and Clan Tools does, a negative value would be reported whenever a player left a clan then rejoined it. Clan Tools now checks the player's join date to detect when this has occured and record the correct delta.

Existing negative IR has also been corrected. If you notice any issues, please contact me:

Another issue was also fixed, which was Clan Tools for any new member would ignore any IR gained in the first day with the clan.

In Garage (is gone)

To be clear, this has no real impact. The interface is a bit cleaner in a few places (known available, which was often zero, is gone and any display of in garage is gone). Tank Locking data will still work as per usual.

As to why? It was unused. In large part because Wargaming requiring an API token from the individual player to access in garage data, every player in a clan would need to provide an API token to Clan Tools. Possible, but it hadn't happened yet.

I've also optimized the clan refreshing method to require one less API request per a clan and reduce the amount of data transmitted.

Timeout Errors

Intermittent timeout errors was an issue that would spring up every once in a while and didn't make much sense to me when I had looked into it previously. However, I recently had a realization and I believe I've fixed the issue, which appeared to be caused by requests that got stuck waiting due to high server load.

Server Load

On the topic of server load, I've also reduced the maximum number of simulations requests which can be served. This may seem to be a negative, however I suspect that the grinding to a halt of the entire site encountered a few sundays prior was caused by very high server load which pushed memory usage beyond the amount of available RAM and into the swap file (which slowed everything down). My monitoring indicates that most of the instances were rarely used anyway, so I don't expect this to be noticeable the vast majority of the time either way.

Feedback on this is welcome though; do you notice a change during times of high load?

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