Friday, September 11, 2015

Changelog for 2015-09-11

New Code Type Options

There are several new code type options, two of the most interesting ones are designed to address the same request from clans in two different ways.

Make Valid Codes Public [public as in visible to all clan members]

This, as the name suggests, make all valid codes of that Code Type available to be seen by all clan members by visiting a specific page on Clan Tools. You can get to this page from the Attendance page (Clan Home > Attendance > Valid Public Codes) or Code page (Clan Home > Codes > Valid Public Codes).

Available on the Code Settings tab.

Auto Create Forward

This setting on the other hand allows having auto-creation of codes beyond the current day, up to 7 days. This makes it easy to copy a week's worth of codes for listing someplace else.

Available on the Code Settings tab.

The Other New Options

  • Auto-Create Start Time Day Offset and Auto-Create End Time Day Offset - These settings allow the auto-created codes to have start and end dates greater than one day.
  • Auto-Create Loose Duplicate Prevention - This setting reduces what it takes to prevent a code from being auto-created from having to have the exact same code type, for date, and from and to datetimes (down to the nanosecond) to just the same code type and for date. This setting, in general, deals with edge cases, so you probably don't need to worry about it. This is enabled by default for new code types; existing code types have it disabled to match prior behavior.

The above three settings are available on the Advanced Settings tab.

Other Changes

  • Related to the above, the Valid Codes list on the Attendance page now only displays codes that are valid or will be in 12 hours or less, to prevent having 7 days of future codes from showing up.
  • Added notice to Player and Clan Lookups regarding no longer working, which Clan Tools used for member change history. I am exploring other options, no promises for the moment.
  • For Player and Clan lookup, the localization is now forced to english for all servers.
  • Added Total footer for Clan Tanks Lists and clan Player Stronghold Stats.
  • Improved warning message for Clan Lookup when members have accounts which WG API's doesn't treat as existing.
  • Take advantage of the clan members list on the WG API knowing about players to display all players, even those who other parts of the API don't treat as existing.


  • Fixed an issue where users would be redirected to an invalid page in some cases.
  • Fixed checkboxes on clan members list being displayed pointlessly in some cases.
  • Fixed "X members accounts are locked" warning being duplicated when changing filters.

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