Friday, March 6, 2015

Changelog for 2015-03-06


  • Added a comparison of the gold remaining in the treasury between the current payout and the reference payout (if set) on the Other Data tab to provide an idea of how the treasury's reserve is changing week to week. Note that this correctly accounts for any Deferred User Credit to give the true growth if all deferred user gold would be paid out.
  • Added option 'Apply Day Multiplier Rules to Additional Shares and Additional Gold' for Payouts under Day Settings tab to set if Day Multiplier Rules for the payout apply to the per-a-user, per-a-payout 'Additional Shares' and 'Additional Gold' fields. The default applied to existing Payouts is 'Yes', to match how the system always performed previously.
  • The reference payout (if set) is now shown under the Other Data tab.
  • Renamed 'Additional Static Gold' to 'Additional Gold'.


  • Gold values in the reserve report are now formatted with commas.
  • Multiplier rules for 1 day being displayed as 1 days.
  • Some date fields not having calendar display on click.

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