Thursday, November 13, 2014

Changelog for 2014-11-13

Pay View

The quick view was designed with the goal of making it easy to perform payouts by grouping and sorting in a logical way. However, it was far from prefect. In an attempt to improve this, I've added what I'm calling "Pay View", which is designed to be a distraction free, one pay group at a time, view of the information provided by the quick view.

Replay Reward Rules

Previously replay reward rules were an all or nothing sort of thing, as while in some cases the rewarded players could be filtered either via the replay reward rule's filters, or the linked code type's payout limiters, ultimately there was a large gap in granular control.

In an effort to fix this I've added the ability to select the individuals who get rewarded by a replay reward rule per-a-replay, from the subset of players who meet the restrictions for the replay reward rule.

See note 1 for more information.

Improved Per a Payout Settings

Previously replay reward rules (both clan battle and match), in addition to group bonuses, were set globally and could not be adjusted per a payout. This has been fixed. These are treated just like code type payouts in terms of loading from a template.

Deferred Calculation

Previously whenever a payout was (re)calculated, the server effectively put you on hold while it performed the calculations, then redirected you once the calculations were finished. This approach is problematic because calculations (or rather saving the results of the calculations) takes a significant amount of time, which has only grown as additions to the payout calculation system has been made, and as such it isn't being used anymore.

Now, instead, when you trigger a recalculation it's added to a queue in which to be processed. If you're updating an existing payout there is a notable difference,

Clan Battle Roles Deprecated

Clan Battle Roles (CBR) were designed to be a way of tracking players who played key roles in battles, for both statistical purposes and to allow more refinement of clan battle reward rules. CBRs however suffer from the fact that setting them is an inconvenience, and the options for automating their assignment is very limited.

As such, I consider CBRs to be effectively worthless in their current state (where they have never been used), and lacking a way to improve CBRs current status in any significant way, the only option I see is to consider them a failed experiment, and thus deprecate them.

Considering no one uses them, I don't think this part is particularly necessary, but by deprecated I mean that at present they will continue to work, however at any time they may be removed, so it's highly recommended that clans continue to not use CBRs.

Payout Editor Tabs

I've been trying for some time to find a good way of displaying the, at times, huge amount of fields on some of the editing pages, primarily the Code Type and Payout pages. The expander approach was better than nothing, but I never found it to be "good".

To this end I'm trying tabs. I tried tabs out first with the Clan Lookup page, and honestly found them to be great. With expanders you end up with a lot of wasted vertical space taken up with margins, and a lot of scrolling about. With tabs, every navigation header can fit in the same space as one expander's header. Furthermore there's this central point of navigation which allows quickly going through all of the tabbed sections.

None the less, I'm always open to feedback both good and bad so feel free to comment either way. Lacking any negative feedback, I'll be looking to move the Code Type editing page to the same tabbed approach.


Renamed "Stronghold" replay type to "Stronghold Skirmish", with "Stronghold" now being for the actual attack/def battles (note this is just a name change, it has no effect only any settings).

Other Changes

  • Clan Battle Reward Rules' province type filter now works differently for encounters; previously it only checked the type of the "primary province", which was defined as the province your clan was attacking. Now it checks both province types and matches on either.
  • Implemented long term fix for the issue relating to an internal server error when uploading some replays.
  • Added link to complete payout from Payout List
  • Added "Support Clan Tools" to the bottom of the news feed.
  • Redesigned front-page for users who aren't logged in or aren't a member of a participating clan.
  • Removed "attendance" from Payouts path and breadcrumb.
  • Added ability to change non-calculation related settings for completed payouts.
  • Updated clan links to go to the new clans site.

Please note, all payout changes are not retroactive; the display of all existing payouts remains unchanged.

Additionally all existing payouts are now read only. For completed payouts, this makes no difference. However, for payouts that weren't yet completed, they can no longer be edited or completed. This is necessary due to the significant changes made to the existing payout code.

1. More on replay reward rules list.

The tab will be hidden if there are no replay reward rules with at least one qualifying players. Likewise, replay reward rules without any matching players won't be displayed either, as the list of replay reward rules is ultimately a list of players who qualify for one or more replay reward rules, not a list of replay reward rules.

If you change a payout reward rule in the Payout editor, unless it's just changing the code type being paid out, it will clear out any existing "unchecked" entries (it actually clears them all). Also, the underlying code works off of unique ID's, not the actual rules, thus deleting then perfectly recreating a payout reward rule will not transfer the settings.

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