Friday, November 21, 2014

Changelog for 14-11-21

Activity Report Improvements

Chart Data Grouping

Previously, with larger date ranges, the charts would become quite a mess, with the attendance by week day chart being completely unreadable, but the others suffered as well. To address this issue, data is now grouped by various values to provide much less cluttered, and hopefully more useful, chart readouts. Comparative example:

Historic Activity

In an effort to make it easier to quickly get an idea of a player's long-term attendance directly from the activity report's page, a historic activity 'tooltip' has been added for each current clan member.

Away Entries Details

Details on the away entries for players who have one, or more, away entries which intersect with the activity report span have also been added.


Other Changes

  • Redesigned overview section.
  • Increased maximum days span to 365.
  • Improved performance when generating report.
  • New clan battles are now checked for every 10 minutes, as opposed to every 5 minutes.

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