Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Changelog 14-11-04

Battle Loading Changes

The gap in combatant loading for clan wars battles should be almost gone as WG's API now seems to work as expected for landing/riot tournament information, allowing the loading of battle opponents for those battles. I believe the only gap now is for the defending clan when two or more clans chip the same province, though there may be some related gaps.

Map Storage Changes

The way Clan Tools stores all (battle) map information, including battle listings, replays, replay reward rules, etc... has been changed as the old format had issues. Existing entries have been converted to the new format, and thus this change should be completely seamless. If anything seems to have not converted correctly, do let me know; all of the old map data is still being stored for the time being so any issues should be fixable.

Other Changes

  • Match Reward Rules no longer require a match type be selected (thus, match reward rules can now match on any match type).
  • Member's list on Clan Lookup page now sorts the same as the World of Tanks page.


  • Replays with observers can now be uploaded.
  • Battle list should now use regional timezone to determine which battles occurred on a given day (on the NA server, a battle at midnight Eastern Time is still considered to be for the previous day, as the NA server's regional timezone is Pacific Time; this is to ideally insure that days are the logical).
  • Improved JS Error reporting reliability.
  • Issue that would cause JS errors occurring before the DOM was loaded from being recorded.
  • Removed unused "Has Replay" selector on Search Match Replays page.
  • Match reward rules ignoring selected match type.

Up Next

I've been looking at the payout system to see about adding more granular control of who gets paid for what. For example, replay reward rules are very much all or nothing; there's no easy way to single out a single player. At present only code entries, to a degree, have this degree of control (via revoking entered codes). Additionally, replay reward rules and group bonuses, unlike code type payouts, aren't customizable on the per a payout basis, which isn't acceptable.

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