Sunday, October 5, 2014

Changelog for 14-10-05

New Application Options

For some time now Clan Tools has supported players applying to participating clans through Clan Tools; however, not everyone may want to use Clan Tools for dealing with clan applications. Still, clans that did had the option to have various (at this point minor and likely completely ineffective) bits of advertising, which wasn't fair to the clans who didn't want to use Clan Tools for this.

In an effort to fix this, two new clan application modes have been added: Displaying a message (with support for formatting via markdown) and redirecting to another site (which is really just a short cut for a message with a link). Of the two choices, I would highly recommend taking the additional time to write a short message, even if you still want to redirect to another website because result is much better, as shown below.


Minor User Settings Change

I've moved editing a user's groups to a different page labeled "Edit Account Groups", it should show up directly under the edit account settings link.

Other Changes

  • Changed clanwars URLs to servers, though the old URL will still work, all links will be to the new URLs.

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