Thursday, October 9, 2014

Changelog for 14-10-09

Player Lookup

Another key feature using Clan Tools to accept clan applications was the (primarily) statistical information it provided about the applicant in one place. I wanted to expand that featureset to all of the clans using Clan Tools, and anyone else idealy. However, the system I was using simply wasn't capable of performing "on the fly" lookups. So I started from scratch, and the result is by far better than the original system it was trying to mimic, while also being much less resource intensive to the server.

Rather than ramble off the features, here's a screenshot:

(The white strip thing is my attempt at indicating I cut out some rows to shorten the image, if that isn't clear)

Accessable via the Tools menu (Tools > Player Lookup), or you can just click here.

Other Changes

  • Redesigned clan application viewer to integrate with the player lookup feature better, in addition to handling long responses to questions better.
  • Encounter battles now correctly report both maps, rather than pretending to actually know which map it will be. Once a replay is uploaded, the map the battle actually took place on will be the only one shown. This change is not retroactive (already loaded battles that don't have replays will still just show one map).
  • Added a third info state to the battle start time info, "st" for start at, which is displayed after the "op" (open at) time as passed, but before the battle start time.


  • The replay results page using the full tank names because the short tank names hadn't been loaded.

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