Sunday, October 19, 2014

Changelog for 14-10-19

Player Stats Fixes

A few days ago parts of the player lookup broke for players who had the new "Fury" premium tank due to a few reasons, changes have been made to prevent such issues in the future:

  • When calculating WN8, tanks which are missing from the WN8 expected stats table are simply ignored (the people who maintain the WN8 tank data need to update the list to actually "fix" the issue, which I suspect they may not do for some time due to the lack of data). Missing WN8 values are displayed as '-'.
  • When displaying tank information, missing tanks are not shown.
  • WN8 tables are automatically updated from nightly.
  • Client Side (Javascript) tank data is automatically updated nightly.

Other Changes

  • Tier is now displayed in roman numerals.

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