Sunday, June 7, 2015

Changelog for 2015-06-07

Payout Setting: Use Remainder as Reserve

Certain payout settings, such as using the Target Share Value, may result in the amount of gold remaining in the treasury exceeding the reserve by a large margin. This can be problematic when using Advanced Reserve Calculation options which take into account the previous payout's reserve.

This setting, as the name suggests, sets the gold remaining in the treasury (less any Deferred User Credit) as the reserve after the payout has been calculated.

It should be noted this means this setting has no impact on the current payout, rather it comes into play in some cases when the payout is being referenced by another payout for reserve calculations.

Additionally, note that Deferred User Credit is excluded because it's considered gold that already belongs to a player that the clan is holding, and thus is not part of the clan's "reserve".

Finally, while this is changing the reserve, it isn't changing the field you set (the one labeled Reserve on the Payout Editor's General tab). Which is to say, repeatedly recalculating a Payout with Use Remainder as Reserve enabled will not cause the reserve to grow with each calculation even if the calculated reserve is less than the remaining gold in the treasury.


  • Fixed issue with Auto-polling limit not resetting on successful polling attempt for Payouts.
  • Clarified help text for "Apply Day Multiplier Rules to Additional Shares and Additional Gold" setting.

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