Sunday, April 26, 2015

Landing Zone Tournament Battle Type Guide

The LZ Tournament battle type effectively divides the rest of the filters for the Clan Battle Reward Rule into two groups, one which applies only to the last battle for the LZ Tournament that your clan participated in (so, if your clan played in the 1/8, 1/4/ and semi-finals, losing in the semi-finals, then the semi-finals would be the last battle for that particular tournament for your clan), and one for each battle within that tournament (or rather each player).

First, for the last battle in each tournament, the system checks that the result (win/loss/draw/etc...), arena (map), and province type match. If they do, all battles in that tournament are checked for the next filtering, otherwise all battles in that tournament are excluded.

Then, for the tournaments that made it through the first filtering, for each player the side they were on, the battle role, group, and uploaded replay filters are checked. If a player meets all of these criteria for even one battle within a LZ tournament, then they are considered to have met the criteria for the entire LZ tournament, and thus are said to have met the criteria for the Reward Rule once.

Notably, because often there will be several battles in the same LZ tournament, a player could meet the criteria for several battles within a LZ tournament. Duplicates are not allowed, so in such cases, the last matching battle within the LZ tournament (so, the last battle that player played in that matched) would be selected, and all others would be discarded.

This unique combination can lead to what may seem to be counter-intuitive results at times, specifically when reviewing the Replay Reward Rules in a Payout users will be displayed within the last matching battle, which may actually have a different result from what the Clan Battle Reward Rule specifies (because, recall that the system only checks the result on the last battle participated within each LZ tournament).

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how the LZ Tournament Battle Type works.

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