Saturday, February 28, 2015

Changelog for 2015-02-28


  • Code Type Editor now uses a similar tab format to Payout Editor.
  • The Clan's Application link is now displayed on the Clan's Application Settings page. In addition the link is now listed on the Clan's Application list page.


  • Fixed searching match types displaying records from Application Statuses.
  • Fixed sorting Away Entries not working.
  • Fixed possibility of race condition for pages with charts, at times causing the entire page to stop working.
  • Fixed graphical glitch on User's Tanks header.
  • Fixed issue revoking codes via certain interfaces when multiple codes of the same type exist for the same day.
  • Fixed several issues causing saving of player data to fail; additionally improved error reporting for the part of the system which was failing to improve detection of any issues for the system.

Other Changes

I have rewritten several large parts of the client side code and changed how some styles were applied to maximize the security benefit from enabling Content Security Policy (a security feature implimented by most modern browsers) for the site.

There should be no loss of functionality, and very minimal changes to how a few things look as a result of these changes. The Content Security Policy for the site is currently set to an advisory only mode (any violations are logged but not stopped); in a week or two, provided no significant problems arise, I'll switch it to actually stopping violations.

Thus, the net result is that Clan Tools will be more secure for those who are using supported browsers.


  • Battle Reports' player list for replays are no longer case-insensitive due to a lack of compatibility with the method used and the updated libraries.
  • Twitter "Newest Tweet" box's link colors are no longer themed; cannot be fixed as it is a result of enabling content security policy on the site.

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