Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Changelog for 2015-01-20

Payout Locking

Previously, payouts were locked by completing them. The idea behind this was that a payout would be completed, then the gold for that payout would be paid out. This approach would help ensure that the payout records were accurate. However, this approach has some drawbacks.

To solve these, a new more temporary and smart locking mechanism has been added. This new lock allows a single person to lock a payout from being modified (or deleted) by anyone but themselves.

As such, the new recommended workflow for payouts is to create a new payout locked to the creator (the default), perform any necessary modifications, review the payout, perform the actual distribution of gold, then complete the payout.

For environments where several people might need to edit a payout before it's ready to be paid out, new payouts can be created without a lock, and the lock can be toggled on and off.

Additionally, the use of locks is optional. Though, as always, several aspects of Clan Tools require completing payouts when they have been paid out to function.

Gold payouts in Attendance Record

Some time ago Wargaming broke gold pay from your clan showing up ingame. To help alleviate this issue I've added recently completed payouts involving the user to their short-term "Attendance Record" displayed on the main page.

It's important to note this information is using the payout data from completed payouts on Clan Tools; Wargaming hasn't added the clan's treasury log to the API, so pulling the actual data isn't an option at the moment.

Historic Activity on User's Profiles

In a step towards improving the usefulness of user's profiles on Clan Tools, their historic activity is now displayed along side the short-term attendance record.

Defer Pay Option

Users can now opt to defer their pay, this will cause any gold they would otherwise be paid out to be instead added to their gold balance with their clan. Then, at some point in the future, the user can "withdraw" this gold by unchecking the defer pay option in their settings and waiting for the next payout.

Other Payout Changes

  • Upon completion, debit values are dynamically recalculated in case a user's debit has changed since the payouts' last calculation. This means there is no longer the need to recalculate a payout if a user's debit value changed in order to complete it.
  • Switched Payout Quick View and Pay View sorting to case sensitive by name to match Wargaming's as the other sorting method was more resource heavy.
  • Added Ignore Deferred Pay option, default of False (unchecked).


  • Fixed the wrong user clan settings being used during payouts in some cases.
  • Clan Lookup now correctly displays an error if the API returns no data.

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